Hotel Review – Heartland Hotel, Queenstown (New Zealand)

One of the most import part of traveling (atleast for me!) is a hotel we choose to stay in. I have had my share of hotels, ranging from awful to excellent and today I am introducing a new innings in this blog – hotel review. I would be reviewing some of the hotel I had the occasion to stay in and give the most honest reviews on them. I begin this new journey with a hotel that I loved for its simplicity but location & accents – Heartland Hotel Queenstown (New Zealand).


Heartland hotel is located at 27 Stanley Street, 9348 Queenstown (New Zealand) and at close proximity to the city centre and everything is at walking distance. However, be warned that walking from the city centre is a uphill task and not for the faint-hearted.



Queenstown is one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen and the hotel reflects that easy, friendly, ‘in-touch-with-nature’ vibe. It is bang next to the lake and can be seen from the hotel rooms. The hotel has a very unique architecture that I loved and the slanting roofs are for the snows to slide down during winter time. They describe themselves as “alpine architecture and a lobby bar with an open fireplace”. Hmmm… cozy… cozy…

The Entrance
The door to the lobby
The hotel frontage
The hotel central area


The hotel offers several room options with different bed configurations, same being as follows. I have left intact herein below so that you can directly go to the webpage for further details. Pertinent to mention that I had booked this hotel for our trip through as they offered very good pricing.

A little bit more about the rooms:

A few things to remember before you book your room is not only the number of persons, but also what size you want and what other facilities you look forward to. For e.g, the Studio  rooms offers unobstructed mountain and lake views, the family chalet is a 2-storey family chalet room (perfect for family with kids & need for a little more space), etc. Please be informed that the bathroom in all the rooms are relatively small… but still cute. My favourite room was of course, the room with the overhead wooden beams and the room opening into a veranda with view of the lake! Heartwarming! We even saw a rainbow from the veranda!

Chalet balcony
our room1
Room with veranda
Room with overhead beams
Triple bed room

Restaurant & Food:

The Hillside Brasserie is open  for breakfast and dinner and the buffet breakfast comprises of bacon, eggs, sausages and mushrooms, and few other items. The spread is not too wide or varied… but well cooked. If necessary bring in food from nearby super market!

My Verdict:

This is the best hotel you can stay while in Queenstown. Choose the room as per your requirement and budget and I promise, you will love it. Another suggestion I would give is that rent a car and use it for travelling in and around Queenstown. The hotel offers parking space in front of every room! If you are in luck, you might see a rainbow too… flying over the lake, between the two snow-capped mountains!

2N.B: All the photos has been taken from, who happened to be the site through which we booked our tickets at very competitive pricing. (Except for the first & the last one!)

Copyright: The thoughts are my own, the knowledge is universal and the photos are from different sources & due credit given. If anyone wishes to use the content, you are most welcome, however, do place a link to this page with acknowledgment. This is not only an internet courtesy but also a legal requirement. Regards.

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