10 Safest Country To Visit In 2017!

With the world going crazy with innumerable number of crime, terrorist attacks, and general chaos all around, it has become impossible to decide where to travel to! So, I decided to rely on the Global Peace Index (GPI), which attempts to measure the relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness. Based on their peacefulness I deem it would be appropriate to call them safe to travel? So friends, here are the 10 safest countries to visit in 2017!

No.1 Iceland

Jon Meddings Church at Latrabjarg
Midnight Sun In Iceland @ Iceland Travel

Iceland had been world’s most peaceful country for last 10 years, maybe because its an island nation and not influenced much?? Whatever be it, this is my favourite country and world’s no.1 safest country! For some great tips on travelling in Iceland visit Iceland Travel & also check our blog post on Top-5 ‘Must-Do’ Things In Iceland!


No.2 New Zealand

Fiordland National Park (New Zealand) @ butterfield.com

New Zealand is one of the best destinations for anyone with any type of travel inspiration. it has awesome natural beauty, intriguing history, heart-pumping adventure & loads of fun thing to do. New Zealand has been in the top slots of GPI for decades at end. Butterfield.com has some great posts on New Zealand, do check up if you are intending to travel there. Check our blogpost on New Zealand travel.

No.3 Portugal

Parque de Pena (Portugal) @ Salt of Portugal

Portugal has jumped from no.18 in 2014 to no.3 in 2017 in the GPI! This country is beautiful, rich in history & culture and the people are amazing! There are two blogs that I would suggest you to read, one is the Salt of Portugal with its stunning photos and great contents & the other one is Portugalist, whose photos mayn’t be ‘wow’ type but the content is very well written and well researched.

No.4 Austria

Austrian Alps @ Holiday Guru

Austria is a beautiful country which reminds me of “Sounds of Music” overtime I visit this wonderful place. Like Denmark, its location makes it one of the best places to make as the hub point as you travel around Europe. Its wins extra marks for being regularly featured as peaceful nation! For best input on travelling in and around Austria nothing can beat their own tourist webpage Austria Info.


No.5 Denmark

Denmark Canal @ Telegraph

Denmark has been regularly featured as among the happiest countries in the world & also one of the safest. It is so well-situated in the map that you can travel from and to Denmark from anywhere in Europe! For a take on the lifestyle and traveling and places to see in Denmark visit All About Denmark.

No.6 Czech Republic

Prague (Czech Republic) @ Olirserve.com

Czech Republic was home to the Velvet Revolution &today it stands at being world’s no.6 most peaceful nation! How’s that for making “peace” sound wonderful & achievable?! I came across this really good post on Czech Republic, what to see, what to eat, where to stay, etc and though you might like it too. It also contains a 10-days itinerary, if you are interested! Click the link for further details – frommers.com.

No.7 Slovenia

Slovenia @ slovenia.info

This is a small less-known country abundant with natural beauty & monuments. Interestingly, Slovenia made it to the top-10 most peaceful countries in the world!  It has higher than average police presence & therefore the crime rate is pretty low and makes people feel safer. miss tourist.com did a quick guide on Slovenia that you might find useful. Another useful link is slovenia.info which is very informative and exhaustive.

No.8 Canada

Banff National Park (Canada) @ reddit.com

Canada is another country who hardly ripples the news for any type of crime being committed. whether it is because of less population density or govt. policy, not very easy to say, but it is definitely a country that you must try to visit! There are several blog and webpages on Canada travel, however I found ibackpackcanada.com very informative. You may check it too!

No.9 Switzerland

Switzerland @ youtube

Switzerland being one of the safest country is a no-brainer because it is famous for its neutrality stand  & there is absolute absence of internal or external conflicts. Switzerland needs no introduction when it comes to its beauty, efficiency and ‘wow’ factor. However, if you still need a little motivation to visit then peep into myhammocktime.com. Watch this beautiful video in youtube called 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Switzerland.

No.10: Ireland & Japan

Ireland Castle @ super-travels.com

The Republic of Ireland was 12th in last year’s GPI but has jumped to 10th position to share it with Japan!infiniteireland.com is definitely my ‘got-to’ guide when it comes to planning a trip for Ireland!

Japan iexplore.com

On the other hand, Japan has been always considered as one of the most peaceful & safe countries because of their homicides incidences & lack of access to weapons. There are a few websites I would suggest, one being iexplore.com, another is willflyforfood.com which has quite an interesting take on the different cities of Japan, the third being another interesting page called japantravelmate.com



So, here is your list of Top-10 safest countries in the world for 2017! Pack your bags and drop into anyone of them for a beautiful memory! Psstt…. do get back to us with your experience! We would love to hear from you and recount your experience here! Have fun!

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