Why Courtyard Marriott at Gurgaon should be your ‘Go To’ Hotel

Why Courtyard Marriot (Gurgaon) should be your ‘Go To’ Hotel… If you are at Gurgaon or staying at heart of New Delhi is not your requirement, then this is one of the best hotel you can have. The rooms are large, the staff are amazing, food is exceptional and the location is good with market place, mall and pharmacy nearby.

I Discovered ‘Magic’ In An Ancient Indian Temple

India has always been a land of myths and legends, whether be it innumerable god and goddesses, flying chariots, epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan or the Singing Steps of Airavateswara Temple. So, how much if this myths are true? Follow me in discovering one of such myth in my journey of discovery at a 1000-year-old temple called Airavateswar Temple.

A 1000 Years Old Story…

The stone sculptures sang an ancient song… a bit worn out due to the exposure of over 1000 years to harsh climate, the paints from the outer walls stripped away completely and the beautiful murals and paintings in the interiors are nearly faded… yet these temples of South India sings songs of glory of bygone…

The Perfect Cup of Tea

This is the story of out unexpected journey into a tea garden/estate of Assam (India) and the amazing treasure trove of insight and informations we gathered about the humble tea and the amazing benefits we can get from it!