Top-5 ‘Must-Do’ Things In Iceland!

Iceland is a natures wonderland with so many wonderful things to see & experience that it was extremely difficult to come up with the top 5 ‘must-do’ things in Iceland! With loads of nail biting and writing and deleting and again writing and deleting, I have come up with this top 5 ‘must-do’ things in Iceland! But mind you, my list may change again in few days or weeks or moths because Icelandic wonders amazes me at every turn!

5.Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon @ainfinitestep
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon @ainfinitestep

This glacier lagoon is in southern Iceland & is filled with large chunks of ice. The lagoon is called Jökulsárlón or Glacier’s-River-Lagoon. near Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. Its waters are dotted with icebergs from the surrounding Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier. The lagoon flows into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving chunks of ice on a black beach. If you want to do the trip with an experienced travel group then I would recommend Ice Lagoon.

4. Black Sand Beach

Black Beach (Photo Source – Unknown)
Basalt Columns in Black Beach (Photo Source – Unknown)

Iceland’s black sand beach has been one of the most photographed beaches in the world! With its stunning black sand, craggy basalt columns & rough waves, this beach is one of a kind & must be visited! However, don’t go too close to the waves as this beach is known for its rogue waves that has claimed several lives. You can go to the black beach yourself or take the help of different travel groups. I would suggest you check-up Get Your Guide & Extreme Iceland.

3. Skaftafell Ice Cave (Vatnajökull National Park)

Ice Cave @threeifbysea

Also called Crystal Caves, the ice caves of Iceland glaciers are not only mesmerizing but also a gradually but steadily vanishing natural wonder of the earth… Vatnajokull in South East Iceland, and Langjokull in South West Iceland have mind blowing ice caves.  There are many other ice caves scattered all over the world but the overwhelmingly stunning ice caves of Iceland is unique in its structure and clarity. If you intend to visit an ice cave then you have to come during the winter & the ice doesn’t melt and it is safe to enter.

2. Blue Lagoon (Grindavík)

Blue Lagoon @kvdenn

Blue Lagoon happens to be the most recognised geothermal spa & is located only 40 minutes from Reykjavík. The water from the underground hot springs reaches up to 35–40 °C! This is definitely an experience of a lifetime as you slumber in a hot lagoon with the surrounding atmosphere being chilly!

1. Chasing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This would be my personal no.1 at all time to come! The dazzling dancing lights are  breathtaking & is worth every bone-chilling cold nights you had to endure to see it just once… To enjoy it to the most, stay away from places with too much light (avoid light polluted areas) & from middle of September to the middle of April.

So, here are your Top-5 ‘Must-Do’ Things in Iceland! I will soon follow-up with a few more (because Iceland is a wonderland!). Till then, have fun!

Copyright: The thoughts are my own, the knowledge is universal and the photos are either mine or from different sources & due credit given. If anyone wishes to use the content, you are most welcome, however, do place a link to this page with acknowledgment. This is not only an internet courtesy but also a legal requirement. Regards.

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