Things You Didn’t Know About Belfast, Northern Ireland

How much do you know about Belfast? Did you know Belfast has a ‘separation barrier’(similar to Berlin Wall) to keep its people separated? Did you know Belfast has been inhabited for over 5000 years? Here are some of the interesting things I discovered when I visited Belfast.

5 Touristy Sins a Trip To Chichen Itza Taught Us

As travellers and tourists we many a times find others doing things that we find repulsive, however, we are hardly aware of the touristy sins that we ourselves commit! Here are the most common 5 Touristy Sins each one of us is unknowingly guilty of committing at one point of time time or other. Read about them and please avoid them in your next trip.

The Best of Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town has been a lived-in town since the 7th century. The town has evolved and even became fortified around the 14th century. Yet, it has the old-world charm with the limestone building and paths, narrow streets with steep stairs, monasteries, palaces, armouries, museums, etc. It has the modern cafes and shops tucked into its nooks and corners without becoming a sore thumb. This is a place that must be in your Travel Bucket List!

Fantasy at Phantasiland!

The sun was shining warmly in the sky and the gates have just opened… we walked in and was welcomed into the village by a lady dressed in a most interesting costume! Is it a pea pod? Or maybe dressed like a green witch?? Or… No, idea, but it was eye-catching! So, what did we…

Dubrovnik Old Town – A Quick Guide

Here’s a Quick Guide to discovering the ‘Old Town of Dubrovnik’. This is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also is unique in being in continuous use as a place for human habitation since the 4th century!

Dubrovnik Highlights

If Dubrovnik (Croatia) is in your travel bucket list, then this is for you! It is a concise but very useful information about where to stay at Dubrovnik, what to see, where to go, where to eat!