Know Us

My first taste of the thrill of travelling started long before I actually understood it as I along with my family used to drive through Himalayan mountains in search of the perfect stream to have the perfect picnic beside it. This love for travelling expanded to bigger and further places and one day I sat foot outside my own country and realised that unless and until we don’t travel we might be literate but we will remain ignorant and not know the joy of discovering new people, new places and all the beautiful experiences that come with it. Soon. my love for travelling made a me permanent tourist, travelling to newer places and sometimes returning to places I have already been to but could never get enough of it. Over the period of time I married and had a son, who took to my gene and loves traveling and writing!

So, together we started this journey of being a ‘storyteller’ so that we can bring to you the best of traveling without losing the human touch….. every place has a story to tell, every building has a memory to share, every culture has a history to narrate… and we are their Storytellers!