Traveller’s Guide To Rome

Little about the history!

History says that Rome was founded way back in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a she-wolf! Roman civilization has been one of the most influential civilizations in the world & Rome has continuously been inhabited. It gave the world some of the most famous personalities like Julius Caesar, Trajan, Constantine, Spartacus, etc. The ancient Rome still leaves and breaths in the modern Rome and you can see it and feel it in the mighty colosesum & other monuments scattered throughout the city!

How to reach?

Reaching Rome @ Viator

Rome has two airports – Leonardo da Vinci Airport (at Fiumicino) & the Ciampino Airport. Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Fiumicino is a major airport for international and flights. It is situated 32km from the city and you can catch the Leonardo Express Train to Rome’s main railway station, Stazione Termini. Tickets cost €11 one-way. It runs every 30 minutes between 6.30am and 11.30pm. On the other hand, Ciampino is a military airport which caters to some of the budget airlines. It is not that well-developed and to reach the city you can either catch a taxi or one of the coach services. For further informations click the link

From other european countries you can reach Rome by train. The main central station in Rome is Termini Station. This station also is the main bus station for local buses in Rome.

Where to stay?


Trastevere @ Hotel Trastevere
  • For the touristy places: The Centro Storico with its cobbled streets and alleys crammed with Renaissance palazzi, Baroque churches, etc. However, the hotels are pretty pricey here.
  • If willing to stay a little afar: Campo de’ Fiori and Ghetto is quiter and less expensive with some great restaurants.
  • For the happy shoppers: the Tridente.
  • For the night-crawlers:  Monti is a hip neighbourhood with cool bars, boutiques as well as good local restaurants.
  • For the foodie: Testaccio is your gastronomical heaven! It is also a great place for gourmet souvenirs
  • For the elegant stay: Trastevere is a beautiful area with cobbled lanes, ivy-draped buildings and cute piazzas. It is within strolling distance from the Vatican. The lanes are lined with excellent trattorias and bars. However, be prepared to pay few extra dollars here for the tranquility!

What to do here?


This is the easiest question to answer! While in Rome do what the romans do! Visit the monuments, eat great Italian foods,walk around in the several palazzos! Click the links for further details about the interesting stories about the famous roman monuments!

What to eat?

Pizza Roman Style @

Another easy answer – Italian cruisine! Italian food has taken the world by storm, be its pizzas, pastas, etc. A few food that I suggest you ‘must eat’ are the Pizza Bianca, Carbonara and Pizza Roman Style! A few places I would suggest are the 00100 Pizza, Bar Giolitti (for yummy sweet dishes) and Volpetti.

 What should you buy?

Murano Glass @

Hmm… interesting question… Italian silk scarve, italian leather shoes and bags, Murano glass, ancient roman jewellery (definelty replicas!) and food items like Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sundried tomatoes.

The way ‘Rome was not built on a day!’ Rome can’t be covered in a blog in one post! So, stay updated as I cover each of the heads mentioned above individually in my future posts! Ci Vediamo!

Copyright: The thoughts are my own, the knowledge is universal and the photos are from different sources & due credit given. If anyone wishes to use the content, you are most welcome, however, do place a link to this page with acknowledgment. This is not only an internet courtesy but also a legal requirement. Regards.

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  1. Monique says:

    I Love Rome. The history and culture is amazing. And the shopping is awesome.


    1. Oh yes Monique! I bought olives & muron glass 😊


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