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7 ‘Must-Do’ In Ireland

Ireland has some of the most beautiful & unique landscapes I the world and therefore, it has been the location for some of the most-watched movies and series, including the Game of Thrones & Harry Potter! My list of ‘must-do’ doesn’t cover many of the slights that you find in other such list about Ireland, but this is the list of ‘must-do’ that makes Ireland remarkably unique!

Be awestruck by the magnificent Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are located on the west coast of Ireland & named after ruined fort of ‘Mothar’. The cliff stretch for about 8km & is 702 feet at their highest point. This cliff is not only beautiful by itself but from here you can see Aran Islands, Twelve Pins, Maum Turk mountains, etc. Click the link for more details about Moher Cliffs.

Visit Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry @ Irish Carrentals

Ring of Kerry is actually a route that will take you through dramatic scenery with centuries old history scattered all around it! You will be taken deep into forests, mesmerising waterfalls & untamed Atlantic. You may also encounter wild stags! Scroll through theringofkerry.com for extensive details about this unique route, where to stay, what to eat, etc!

Browse through millions of books in Trinity College Library

Trinity College Library
Trinity College Library @ vmireinteresnogo.com

If you are a book lover then a visit to Trinity Library is a must! Even if you are not a book lover you will love this grand structures which has about 5 million printed volumes, comprising of  journals, manuscripts, maps and music reflecting more than 400 years of academic development, etc. The most famous of its manuscripts are the Book of Kells and the Book of Durrow. Other special collections are the Ussher Collection  of 1661 and the Fagel Collection of 1802. For further details click  Trinity College Library

Sleep in a Castle!

Castle Stay @ ireland.com

If your are in Ireland you will come across hundreds of castles, some in ruins and some still holding on to its splendour. You must stay for at least one night in a castle! Check out luxury hotels in Northern Ireland for more details s to where you can stay. If can also check out these link for more details about castle accommodation.

Go whale watching in West Cork

Whale Watching Safari
Whale Watching in Ireland @ baltimoreseasafari.ie

Ireland West Cork is a great location for doing Whale Watching as the water is just right for their habitation. The best time would be visiting in the summer months (between September to November). You can take boat trips from both Baltimore and Union Hall. baltimoreseasafari.ie has some great whale watching safaris. Do check it out!

Meet Mr.Puffins on Skellig Michael

Mr. Puffin at Skellig Michel! @ georgekarbusphotography.com

Skellig Michel is a rocky island of the coast of Kerry and has world’s 2nd highest colony of Puffins! It also has a 6th century monastery. 

Watch Northern Lights at Ireland!

Northern Lights in Ireland @ telegraph.co.uk

For last few years northern lights have started showing up in the the Northern parts of Ireland! Check out the website Donegal Skies, for further details. For updates about its next visibility check  Astronomy Ireland.

Before parting with this blogpost I want to mention why I choose ‘7’ instead of the standard ‘5’, ’10’, ’30’ etc! Well, some the most significant things happens in combination of ‘7’! 7 days of the week, 7 colours of rainbow, etc… So, why not the 7 ‘must-do’ in Ireland?! Hope you enjoyed the post & I promise to come back with a few more posts about Ireland so that your next visit to Ireland is the most fun one! Till then… have fun!

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Top 10 Thing-To-Do At Sydney (Australia)

Sydney is a beautiful city with so many places to see with different things-to-do for different people. You can even decide not to do anything and yet manage to spend the whole day without getting bored. We had an amazing time at Sydney and hope you too have a great time. The 10 Must-Do things I would recommend for a true ‘Sydney experiences’ are as follows:

Sydney Harbour and Opera House

Photo Courtesy: @samyeldhem

Charter a yacht or paddle or a kayak from Rose Bay and sail past the Opera House. Or you can even take a scenic cruise from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour, past national parks, Goat islands, etc. From Circular Quay you can take beautiful picture-postcard photos of the famous Sydney Harbour and the the Opera House. In the evening you can book an advance ticket for any of the showboats that cruise the harbour. The experience is amazing!


Paddington Street and Oxford Street

Shop till you drop! That’s Paddintong Street! You can browse through boutiques, souvenir shops, branded shops and lot more here. The paths are stroller friendly, so mums don’t worry! These streets are lined with art galleries and antique shops also.

Walk the Bondi Beach

The famous Bondi is an interesting area, where you can swim, wander the shops and stop for brunch overlooking the Icebergs pool. You can walk the cliffs to Bronte and have a relaxing cup of coffee in one of the beachside cafes.

Ghost Tour at Quarantine Station

Photo Courtesy: Around You

The Sydney’s Quarantine Station (commonly called the “Q” Station) is famous for paranormal activities! It offers various ghost tours aiming at families, individuals, groups, enthusiast etc. You can also learn about the history of the Station with its historical buildings and passenger’s stories. Quarantine Station has there own webpage and tours, so you might want to look those up before trying anywhere else.  

Manly Beach:

Manly Beach is a very interesting beach. It sits between two pointed land masses and has some of the best ocean surfs in the world! You can even learn to scuba-dive at nearby Cabbage Tree Bay. (P.S. the surfers here have amazing body and it gave me serious body complex for next 3 months!)

Darling Harbour:

There is no one word that can describe Darling Harbour to the fullest. It has hoards of shops, eateries, places to see, things to do, etc, etc. The Sydney Aquarium is one of the places in Darling Harbour that must be visited. Darling Harbour even has a website of its own! [www.darlingharbour.com]


Aboriginal Interactions or Tours

2Aboriginals were the original inhabitants of Australia and they still have preserved so much of their ancient culture and tradition. I would suggest that you must take a tour related to aboriginals, whether it is an interactive tour or a visit tour. Met this gentleman in one of the tours that we took and he was oblivious of the facts that tourists were sitting next to him and taking snaps! We decided not to disturb him till he finishes his music and afterwards it was a pretty interesting sign-language conversation!

Whale Watching

This is one of the most famous activities in and around Sydney. Sydney is a coastal city and hence, it provides ample opportunity to do a lot of whale watching. Whales are spotted during their annual migratory season, which is between May to November. Whales are more visible from specific parts of the shore or from higher cliffs. The option would be to take a ‘Whale Watching Cruise’. The whales that are sighted here are generally the Humpback and Southern Right whales. Some of the reputed cruises that you might book into are:

  • Oz Whale Watching
  • Australian Whale Watching
  • Whale Watching Sydney
  • Go Whale Watching Sydney
  • Whale Watching Cruise with Fantasea
  • Departure point is either Circular Quay or Darling Harbour. Click the individual links for further details.

Blue Mountain (Day – Trip)

1Blue Mountains is approx. 3 hours’ drive from Sydney and is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason for granting it this honour is stated as, “… it is noted for its representation of the evolutionary adaptation and diversification of the eucalypts in post-Gondwana isolation on the Australian continent… The site provides significant representation of Australia’s biodiversity with ten percent of the vascular flora as well as significant numbers of rare or threatened species, including endemic and evolutionary relict species, such as the Wollemi pine, which have persisted in highly-restricted micro sites.” Blue Mountain Range is a thrilling combination of rugged mountains, pristine greenery, massive rocky outcroppings, cascading waterfalls and some of the most beautiful and rare flora and fauna. Don’t forget to take a picture near the ‘Three Sisters’ formation and a ride on the downhill free-fall train!

Jenolan Caves:

Jenolan Caves is a network of ancient limestone caves of different sizes. Since this cave-system is in the Blue Mountain vicinity, hence both can be clubbed together. There are several tours offered tailored for different age groups, tastes, interests, etc. The general timing of the tours are from 9am onwards. Some of the different caves tours are the Adventure Caving at Mammoth Cave Tour, Adventure Caving at Aladdin Cave, Temple of Baa Cave, River Cave Tour, Chifley Cave Tour, Cave Tour, Ribbon Cave Tour, Imperial Cave Tour, L Cave Tour, Orient Cave Tour, Imperial Cave Tour, Plughole tour.

So, I wrap-up here with all-important links at your disposal! Have
fun & you can thank me later!

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