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Hello, Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Hi! I am an ordinary Muggle who is totally in love with the world of witchcraft & wizardry. So, one day I convinced my parents to take me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando (USA). It was a very hot and sunny day, and apparently that day  itself the Wizarding World was opened to muggles, so you can understand the amount of queuing we had to do! We stood in line for over 6 hours just to enter the magical world of Harry Potter!

1 Entrance
Thats me! Very excited to be finally here!

I was awestruck to see Weasley’s Wheezes, Spindlewarps, Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Wand Showroom and so many of the amazing stores and shops that I have always been reading about. I also saw so many of young witches & wizards in their robes. I wish I had a robe too but the shop selling robes was already overflowing with muggles and I needed to hold my line to get my very own wand!

!Yound Wizards
Isn’t that Hermione?!
1 Street
Me & my mom too excited to pose!
1 Streets
Ah! Thats me, in the amazing alley!

So, as my turn came I went inside Ollivander’s Wand Shop and saw rows and rows of wand boxes stacked one over the other to the ceiling! Mr.Ollivander took a look at me and asked what sort of wand I wanted. I said “I want the same wand as Harry Potter!” Voila! I got my first wand, and the best part was it had magic in it! I could conjure spells in specified areas of the wizarding world!

1 Wands
Focus on the wands folks, not me 🙂

My mom also got very excited and wanted a wand of her own so and she was given a wand just like Professor Dumbledore! However, her wand didn’t have magic like mine, but I didn’t want to disappoint her so I let her believe that her wand was magical too…

1 Magic
Well, well, well… my wand is doing all the magic but my mom thinks she is conjuring the spells!

I went down the streets and stopped at corners conjuring up magic one after another. I did the lumos spell, aquametti spell, etc.

There I’m, conjuring spells! Ok… why was I being videoed… and by whom?? Hmm…

As we were nearing Gringrotts Bank the dragon suddenly breathed out fire that made my mom jump out of her skin!

The fire-breathing dragon atop the bank!

To pacify her my dad said we should visit the bank and withdraw some money and shop. However, the goblin at the front desk told us that muggles weren’t allowed inside. So, we came out dejected.

1 Goblin
The mean goblin at the front table…


By this time all the adventures and excitements made us very hungry, so we decided to go to “Leaky Cauldron”. We had Ploughman’s, Toad in Hole, Fish & Chips, etc. We also drank Butterbeer, my favourite drink!

1 menu
Hmmm… that looks interesting…
1Me eating
Food is something I LOVE! So, no disturbance please.

After a very heavy and happy meal we were ready to head back home as it was getting dark and the King Cross Station will be closed soon. So, we strutted down stone-walled platforms heaped with suitcases of different shapes and sizes. I also saw Hedwig (Harry Potter’s pet owl), which means Harry Potter was also in the train I took! The Hogwart’s Express left the station right in time.

Hey! That’s Hedwig! Is Harry Potter in my train?!!
Thats the!Hogwart’s Express!

We reached our destination quite fast and when we came out of the station I saw the Night Bus ready to take wizards & witches to their destinations. Alas! me being a Muggle couldn’t ride and had to take a car back home!

1Night Bus
Hey Night Bus, will you take me home??

It was a fabulous experience and one day I intend to join Hogwarts! Till then… believe in magic & have fun!

About Me: I am a 9-year-old and co-blog with my mom! I love travelling around the world with my parents and my biggest dream was to visit the magical world of Harry Potter! So, we decided that it must be me who bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to you! Hope you like it! Do let me know what else you would like me to write about. Till then, believe in magic gentle people!

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