I Discovered ‘Magic’ In An Ancient Indian Temple

India has always been a land of myths and legends, whether be it innumerable god and goddesses, flying chariots, epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan or the Singing Steps of Airavateswara Temple. So, how much if this myths are true? Follow me in discovering one of such myth in my journey of discovery at a 1000-year-old temple called Airavateswar Temple.

The Best of Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town has been a lived-in town since the 7th century. The town has evolved and even became fortified around the 14th century. Yet, it has the old-world charm with the limestone building and paths, narrow streets with steep stairs, monasteries, palaces, armouries, museums, etc. It has the modern cafes and shops tucked into its nooks and corners without becoming a sore thumb. This is a place that must be in your Travel Bucket List!

Fantasy at Phantasiland!

The sun was shining warmly in the sky and the gates have just opened… we walked in and was welcomed into the village by a lady dressed in a most interesting costume! Is it a pea pod? Or maybe dressed like a green witch?? Or… No, idea, but it was eye-catching! So, what did we…

Dubrovnik Highlights

If Dubrovnik (Croatia) is in your travel bucket list, then this is for you! It is a concise but very useful information about where to stay at Dubrovnik, what to see, where to go, where to eat!

A Cruise Story (Part-2)

This is the Part-2 of the blogpost series ‘A Cruise Story’ and this post has been written by 10-year-old Pratham! Here he will take you into a journey through the evenings and nights in the Enchantment of the Seas! Do read on let us know how you found Pratham’s post?

A Cruise Story – Part I

Cruising is considered to be a luxurious adventure and I fully heartedly agree with it because in the cruise ship you are made to fee like a VIP and the experience and memories are unparalleled! Read on to discover my exciting journey in the Enchantment of the Seas!