Why Courtyard Marriott at Gurgaon should be your ‘Go To’ Hotel

Recently we were at Delhi for Pratham’s engagement at the ‘International Young Writer’s Workshop’ and as the venue was Gurgaon we decided to make Courtyard Marriott at Gurugram our home for a week.

It was a chilly, foggy December night when we entered the lobby of Courtyard Marriott at Gurgaon. It was such a cold night and we were covered in layers of warm clothes and the gentleman at the Reception was just in his suit and yet, he beamed us a bright welcoming smile and went efficiently entered us into the system and into our rooms. We wondered, “How did he manage to stay so cordial and happy at such late hour and freezing cold??” Maybe he is a polite gentleman… that was our guess. Next morning we had early breakfast so that Pratham can reach his venue in time, and guess what, at 6:30am with temperature at around 6 degrees the staffs of Marriott in their smart uniforms smiles and answers to all your needs and requirements! Oh yes, that’s a big thing for me because unless and until you are naturally friendly person you can’t be happy and cordial at such an unearthly freezing hour! So, this convinced me that my 2019’s 1stHotel Review must be of this amazing prime hotel!

The overall ambiance of the hotel is chirpy, warm and friendly (Photo: Bookin.com)

General Overview:

This 4-star hotel is centrally located and good for both business and leisure travelers. The rooms have LCD TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi, marble bathrooms, plush beds and 24-hour room service! It also has amazing dining experiences at Courtyard Grill and the Downtown Kitchen & Bar. You can get your corporate or social events organised here as the halls are spacious and well-equipped. I heard that they customize the catering as per your need and if require, expert will help you with your planning! What other amenities does it have? Amazing outdoor pool, therapeutic treatment at wellness spa, business facilities like a meeting room and business center, equipped gym with a personal trainer, lavish lounges to chill out, souvenir shop… what else would your require!


So, for next 1 week one of the Executive Room was our home and thank God Courtyard Marriott has big, well-furnished rooms, otherwise I would have practically gone crazy! During the time Pratham was at workshop (that was till 4pm) I caught-up with loads of good reading. Very proud of myself!

Good place for a good read! 

The room is spacious with a stunning view of the city sprawling all around us… the tall skyscrapers can be seen far back in the horizon… Oh I must say that the bed and the pillows are divine! I don’t like those kinds of hotel beds and pillows where your body and head sinks down and the sides will bump-up on the sides! These pillows are ‘oh so perfect’! Enough hardness to comfortably nuzzle my head but soft enough to make me snooze into comfortable sleep. So is the bed, absolutely comfortable but doesn’t give me a backache!

Photo: Booking.com

Even the bathroom is spacious and luxuriously fitted. The toilettes are top-of-the-rack kind and they don’t hold back on how many of those you require! That definitely shows commitment to making your guest feel at home.

The luxuriously appointed bathrooms (Photo:Booking.com)

The housekeeping staffs are also very cordial and efficient. Manoj was our regular housekeeping personnel and every morning he comes in with a big, happy smile and goes about his work as if we are his personal guest at his home! This hotel and its personnel have truly encompassed the concept of Indian hospitality! Though I stayed in the Executive Room, however I did peep into the Deluxe Room and they are equally impressive.

Dining & In-Room Service:

Courtyard Marriott has a well-laid out buffet with varieties to choose from. I loved their dosa counter and the different variations they offer.

sunny side up dosa @ a infinite step
The very innovative ‘Sunny-side-up Dosa’ from the Dosa Counter

However, my favorite is the Fruit And Dessert Counter with a huge selection. They have waffles too! I love waffles and couldn’t be happier! I must mention that Mr.Deb, who is the Food & Beverage Executive, is such an amazing person and took very good care of us. He ensured that our plates were never empty, our glasses and cups were always full and we have eaten every single thing on the menu!

potato busket @ a infinite step
Potato Basket from In-Room Dining

As for the in-room services, the choices are wide and the service is smooth and fast. The funny part is, while I was writing about the services I suddenly felt famished and order this amazing potato basket! It absolutely delicious and I am presently at ‘carbs heaven’!

Other Facilities:

As mentioned earlier, this hotel has a outdoor pool (which I avoid because of cold outside!), wellness spa (I used the voucher given by them and got a discount!), business meeting room and center, gym with a personal trainer (didn’t use because I am on a vacation!), lavish lounges (extensively used by me because of its ambiance and my week-long sojourn there).

The swimming pool during sunnier days (Photo: Booking.com)

My Verdict:

If you are at Gurgaon or staying at heart of New Delhi is not your target, then this is one of the best hotel you can have. The rooms are large, the staff are amazing, food is exceptional and the location is good with market place, mall and pharmacy nearby. The hotel offers parking space, hence you can also rent a car during your stay here. I would suggest taking the higher floors for the amazing view. I would give it a 5-star.

N.B: We did our booking through booking.com and got some fabulous discounts as Genius members! So, you might try your luck there 🙂

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