12 Best ‘Pinch Me’ Travel Moments of 2018

Travel had been a big part of my life and in a big way it has moulded me into the person what I am today. Every year I try to go to as many places as possible, near or far, and experience all the diversity the world has to offer. In 2018 I have traveled relatively less than earlier years but it has given me some really ‘jaw-dropping’ moments, which I am so excited to share with you today!

Rhino @ainfinitestep.jpg

#1. A close encounter with rhinos in their natural habitat at Kaziranga National Park, Assam (India)

Singing Steps

#2. Discovering the ’Singing Steps’ at Darasurum and being surprised that even after 1000s of years it still sings when stepped upon! Read about it here.

2 Chola Sherton @ainfinitestep

#3. Staying in a hotel (ITC Grand Chola) that is like a palace! Literally!

3 Montenegro @ainfinitestep

#4. Discovering the less-known but amazing cuisine of Montenegro and absolutely falling in love with it!

4 Split @ainfinitestep

#5. Walking the streets of a town (Split Old Town) that has been continuously being inhabited since the 4ht century! Touching its old walls, eating in its cave-like restaurants, enjoying the open sky and amazing arch! 

6 Open Ride @ainfinitestep

#6. Nothing can beat the experience of seeing wildlife from an open-jeep, however it doesn’t tend to get a bit scary when the rhino or the tiger is a tad too close!

9 Kumbokonum @ainfinitestep

#7. Discovering the intensely colourful lifestyle of the royalties of the bygone era in the palaces of Tamil Nadu.

5 Elephant @ainfinitestep.jpg

#8 Being able to have a one-on-one encounter with this majestic, beautiful beasts and feel humbled by their size and nature…


#9 Seeing a temple that has been standing tall for more than 1000 year and its sculptures and murals still reflects the glory and wonder of the Chola Dynasty. Read more about it here.


#10 The deja vu moment of being able to see the places and walk on the path from my favourite TV Series Game of Thrones! Read about it here.

10 7 Rathas !ainfinitestep

#11 Temples and sculptures with intricate work curved out of single pieces of rocks… How did they do that?! Only seeing it with your own eyes can make you believe its splendour… 

13 Bamuni Hills @ainfinitestep

#12 The best ‘pinch me’ moment was when I discovered that I stay just 2-3 kms from a location (Bamuni Hills, Tezpur, Assam, India) which was a huge stone temple with amazing architecture around 5000 years old! I will write about it soon, stay tuned 🙂

So, this were my ‘Pinch Me’ moments of 2018 and hope that the coming year is even more awesome, fun and ‘travelsome’!Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019, in advance!

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