5 Touristy Sins a Trip To Chichen Itza Taught Us

“You know, Chicken Pizza must have come from Chichen Itza. 1st there was Chichen Itza, then a tourist came and thought it was related to chicken, so called it Chicken Itza. Then a hungry tourist came and wanted to have pizza, so he called it Chicken Pizza.”

The chicken that made Chicken Pizza out of Chichen Itza??

Doesn’t make sense? Neither did it make sense to us when our guide to Chichen Itza was narrating his thought line as to the connection between Chichen Itza and Chicken Pizza, or why it was even remotely relevant! So, we followed him to the UNESCO Archeological Site with lots of 2nd thoughts as to what he is gonna say next! However, he turned out to be very knowledgable and kept us away from the potholes of being a typical tourist and we came back appreciating the unique heritage. He taught us not to make the following 5 Touristy Sins at Chichen Itza –

  1. Visit a place without doing prior homework
  2. Leave a place without understanding its history
  3. Damage the already fragile structures by standing/leaning/sitting on it
  4.  Taking pictures of only the structure we see on the net and ignoring all others
  5. Not interacting with the locals

Profound words from a person who started out by comparing a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a food… you never know where wisdom lies…

DSC_0490_FotorWe came back with great amount of knowledge about the place and learnt a lesson for life as a tourist, and have found that avoiding the 5 Touristy Sins makes our life and that of the locals so much easier and happy!

Hope that like us, you have also understood the Touristy Sins that we unknowingly must have committed and from the coming year your travels will be free from this sins!

Happy to share!

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  1. mouldedinsideout says:

    I love it! Short and simple yet information filled. I am travelling this Sunday and will make sure I don’t commit any sins especially only taking pictures of what we have already seen online. I do that simply to show others that I was there swell which is sad right? Thank you for sharing

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  2. Scott Gombar says:

    These sins are very true. I love interacting with the locals, and always try to learn as much as I can about a place we are visiting for the first time.

    I even once spent time playing soccer in the streets of Haiti with some local kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thats wonderful! The kids must have been so thrilled and you also in the process learnt their life a little better 🙂


  3. nabanita says:

    I didn’t know this. I love how your post is to the point and takes us through this information snippet.

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  4. This site sounds amazing and I like the chicken reference. Can one climb this structure?

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  5. Amber says:

    Great reminder. I do try to always do research before I go somewhere. This would be so neat to see!


  6. Samantha Immer says:

    Doing things that could potentially damage historical structures or artifacts is one of my biggest pet peeves! People can be so careless sometimes. We need to treat them like the treasures they are.

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    1. Very true. Once I was a French tourist scratching at a painted wall at pyramid to see if it comes off. I gave him severe dosages of my mind


  7. I haven’t been to these ruins since my honeymoon 14 years ago! We loved exploring them. I remember being so afraid standing at the top as there weren’t any rails or guards to prevent falls! Fun place!

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    1. It’s not allowed to climb anymore, because tourists have already destroyed large art of it 😞


  8. Summer Mitch Ryan says:

    Living in a touristy place, I see visitors commit these sins all the time. As tourist, we need to educate ourselves, or probably it should be part of government policies on tourism to orient tourists.

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    1. It must be so maddening, isn’t it?


  9. successunscrambled says:

    So true that we need to take photos of the place that we don’t normally see on the Internet. It reminds me of my trip to Petra, the photos that you find online is only 1 per cent of the story. I do enjoy chatting with the locals online.

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  10. blair villanueva says:

    It depends on how they hear the words, and we misinterpreted it. It does happen to many places and assumed that they are right.

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  11. Flyingkids says:

    Ruins is one of the most interesting place to visit. You can learn a lot from such visits. Thanks for the wonderful share 🙂


  12. I love to visit historical places like this. If we are ever visiting, we will be sure to check them out.

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    1. This place has interesting history


  13. UNESCO Archeological Site Seems like an interesting place to visit for chicken pizza. Lol Looking forward to it.

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  14. Devyani Ray says:

    I am
    Guilty of all the sins ! Except the last one. I do engage with locals and love it


  15. Becca Wilson says:

    It is so very true that you should probably do your research before you visit a place. You can look pretty silly if you don’t! Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  16. Farrah Less says:

    We love adventure and explore other places. This travel destination is worth visiting for and its name really intrigues me.


  17. Kay says:

    Great tips! Trust me if I visit I’m taking pictures of all structures and everything between


  18. These are such important points. I love to travel and there’s nothing more distressing or embarrassing than seeing others being ignorant or worse, deliberately disrespectful to a culture they are the guest of.


  19. ohmummymia says:

    Never been there but I would l9ve to visit that place


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