Fantasy at Phantasiland!

The sun was shining warmly in the sky and the gates have just opened… we walked in and was welcomed into the village by a lady dressed in a most interesting costume! Is it a pea pod? Or maybe dressed like a green witch?? Or… No, idea, but it was eye-catching!

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (51)
Pratham was definitely making sure she is not a witch!

So, what did we do there? Well… we played and played and played! Phantasiland is one of the most unique amusement park we ever went to. The whole Park is divided into 6 ‘Lands’, each with their own themed entertainment, games and visuals. Same are as follows –

“Land” name Theme Features
Berlin Berlin in the 20s Hotel Tartüff, Neptunwellenflieger, Wintergarten, Maus Au Chocolat & other attractions
Fantasy/Wuze Town Fantasy Hollywood Tour, Temple of the Night Hawk, Winjas, Wakobato, other attractions for children
Mexico Mexico Talocan, Colorado Adventure, Tikal, Chiapas
China Town China Feng Ju Palace, Geister Rikscha
Mystery/Klugheim Mystery Mystery Castle, River Quest, Taron, Raik
Deep in Africa Africa Black Mamba
Here’s the Map of Phantasiland for you!

So, lets look at them ‘Land’ by ‘Land’!

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (61)
Pratham thinking, “What the hell is that thing?!!”


This is where we entered the Park and was met by so many interesting people! I think this place has the largest nos. of attractions for young children. Very colourful and fun for the whole family. Maus au Chocolat is a fun-filled activity that the children will immensely enjoy! Apparently, mice are on the loose in the imperial cake factory and the only thing you can stop this mice is if you hunt them down with your water gun armed pods! By the way, at ‘Berlin’ I ate the best chocolate-coated strawberries, EVER!

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (14)
Definitely enjoys attention of beautiful ladies from a very young age! 


Mexico Land is more enjoyed by adults and teenagers, mainly for its rides called Colorado Adventure, Tikal, Chiapas

China Town

China town is decorated with authentic structures, people dressed in dress of the region and some amazing entertainment for the ‘Land of the Dragon’.

Fantasy/Wuze Town

This part of the Park is more Hollywood oriented and has games inspired from Hollywood movies. Here also children of all ages can have a great time, along with the whole family.

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (7)
I LOVE this rides!


I think this part of the Park has some of the most daring and interesting rides and entertainments. Of al the rides, the most note-worthy are the ‘Taron’ and the ‘Raik’. ‘Taron’ is a high-speed roller coaster and is claimed to be World’s fastest multi-launch Coaster. On the other hand, ‘Raik’ is a fun-filled backward and forward roller coaster and claimed to be World’s fastest family boomerang!


22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (52)
Free Face Painting to make you part of the ‘Land’ you are visiting! Well… Pratham decided he wants to be a tiger everywhere!

Deep in Africa

This part of the Park is vibrant with drumbeats, interesting sights and sound, and most probably, the loudest screams you ever heard! This is the home of the ‘Black Mamba’. This ride will take you at lightening speed through dark abysses and gorges, past steep rock walls and over a roaring waterfall. It is an inverted roller coaster which turns upside down and spins round and round!

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (46)
Fighting away ‘Giant Spiders’ with water guns deep within the African jungle! What a hero!

Now that I have caught your attention with all the fun and you have decided to visit ‘Phantasiland’ someday, lets get to some basic informations 🙂

Opening Hours

  • ‘Phantasiland’ is presently celebrating Phantasialand Wintertraum and until 20 January 2019 the doors will be open between 11am and 8pm.
  • The highlight is the daily fireworks at the end of your Wintertraum day.
  • On 31/12/2018 the Opening Hours is from 11am to 6pm. 
  • This Park is closed on 24/12/2018, 01/01/2019, 07/01/2019, 08/01/2019, 14/01/2019 and 15/01/2018.


  • Advance Tickets to Wintertraum Event is starting € 29,50
  • Children under 4 years old requires not tickets but Official identification or copy of birth certificate required.
  • Day ticket for children between 4 and 11 years (Official identification or copy of birth certificate required) is € 32,00
  • Day ticket for adults is € 44,50
  • Day tickets for guests aged 60+ (official proof of identity required) is € 32,00
  • Day tickets for pregnant women (Maternity record book is required) is € 32,00
  • Guests of any age, 1 – 100+ on their birthday (Official proof of age required) will pay no admission fee
  • There free admission for for disabled children, blind guests and deaf people, wheelchair users, disabled guests. However, medical certification has to be shown at the counter.
  • There is special pricing for Group of 15 and more people.

So friends, I have given you a very amazing place to spend your time with friends and family this Holiday Season, be it during Christmas or New Year! So, don’t think twice, book your tickets immediately online here.

22-10-12 Phantasiland (Germany) (13)

We had loads of fun and hope you enjoy yourself too as much as we did! Have fun!


18 Comments Add yours

  1. K'Mich E says:

    Never heard of Phatasiland. Is this like Disney World? The layout is good and chock full of information. Makes you want to plan a trip there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s different from Disney. Loads of roller coaster, shows n other activities


  2. Rachel says:

    Haha I love his expression! Clearly so excited and loving visiting Phatasiland!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like a very fun day. Where is this located?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats in Bruhl in Germany. Cologne area


  4. Alan says:

    Travel the world in one day! Mexico to Africa! Great times.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Elicit Folio says:

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for the inspiration and great ideas! I will be saving this article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loved to hear that 🙂


  6. This looks like a great way to spend a day out with family. There are so many cultures to learn from while having fun at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This amusement park looks like so much fun. It looks different than some of the amusement parks I have been too. I love how family friendly it looks. My kids would definitely enjoy it there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is appropriate for all age group and children will love it 🙂


  8. tisha says:

    Wow! Never heard of this place, looks like a great place to take the family! Sounds like there is something for everyone too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, whole family will enjoy 😊


  9. Bindu Thomas says:

    Wow….How amazing Phantasiland is! I love that face painting in there. That will be a real lost if we couldn’t visit there once in the lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

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