Dubrovnik Old Town – A Quick Guide

So, you have decided to visit the acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik Old Town? Great! So, have you decided how you will reach it, where will you park your car, which side of the ‘old town’ you will be concentrating on, etc? Ah, I know, it sounds like as if I am making things more complicated then it really is….. but believe me, after you read this post you will thank me later!


A panoramic view of the Dubrovnik Old Town along with the Adriatic Sea in the backdrop 

How to reach the Dubrovnik Old Town?

There are several ways to reach the Old Town and they are mentioned briefly herein below –


If you staying near the ‘Old Town’ then the best way to reach it is by walking. The Adriatic Sea is always beautiful and the ‘Old Town’ invites you to it with its old glamour. If you are residing at Ploce or Kono, then you can within walking distance to Old Town. You can enter the Old Town through Buza Gate if you are coming from Kono and use the Ploce Gate if you are coming from Ploce.


Another possibility is to catch a bus and it would cost you around 12 kunas one way. The bus station is near the Pile Gate. Buses 1a, 1b and 1c ply between Pile Gate and the Main Bus Station. Checkout the following links for further details.



  • From Gruž If you are residing at Gruž or arriving by ferry or cruise ship then you can reach the Old town by catching bus no 1A , 1B and no 3.
  • From Lapad and Babin Kuk: If you are residing at these areas then  catch bus line no 2 , 4 or 6.


Ferry port of Dubrovnik is in the Kantafig area of Gruz bay and around 3 km from the Old Town. The bus stand is near the terminal and to reach the Old Town you will have to catch buses 1A and 1B. Bus tickets are available on the coach itself.

Rental Car

You can rent a car at Dubrovnik to see the city and nearby places. We stayed at Cavtat and rented a car. We parked at the parking lot near the the Old Town’s Ploce Gate. This parking is relatively vacant then the Pile Gate Parking Lot. The address is Peline ul., 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The narrow paved streets of Dubrovnik Old Town

What to See in Dubrovnik Old Town?

Here’s a fast round-down on what to see at the Dubrovnik Old Town. I will cover them in details in my next post 🙂 The attractions are as follows –

  • Squares:  Stradun / Placa , Luža Square , Gunduliceva poljana/ Gundulic Square
  • Palaces: Palace Knezev Dvor, Palace Sponza
  • Churches: Church Sveti Vlaho (St Blaise); Church of Saint Saviour; Dubrovnik Cathedral
  • City Walls – walk around walls of the old city: Old Town Walls;
  • Towers and Fortresses: Lovrjenac, Bokar, Minceta, Revelin, Sveti Ivan, Clock / Bell Tower
  • Monasteries: Dominican monastery; Franciscan Monastery ; The Cloister ; The Pharmacy; Monastery Museum
  • Monuments: Onofrijeva Cesma, Orlandov Stup (Orlando’s Column), Jesuit Stairs; Bell Tower

Now that we have covered every essential piece of information regarding the Dubrovnik Old Town, we will go over every interesting bits about this UNESCO World Heritage Site in my next post! Till then, have fun!

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