Dubrovnik Highlights

Dubrovnik is a spectacular city with the sparkling Adriatic Sea in one side & bleached limestone mountains on the other side. We were at Dubrovnik for around 48 hours and the informations available at our fingertips was an absolute life-saver during the trip!

Where to stay at Dubrovnik?

View from Cavtat Hotel Room
View from my hotel room at Cavtat! Breathtaking!

While at Dubrovnik, the best place to stay would obviously be within the ‘Old Town’. However, the rooms will be smaller in size and it being a ‘no-car zone’, transportation would be limited. Furthermore, the essential commodities would be a bit expensive. Another area to stay in would be Ploce area. It is near the coast and has some of the most remarkable hotels & rental homes. If you stay in this area of Dubrovnik then you will have the amazing view of the deep blue Adriatic & the Dubrovnik’s fortifications. however, Ploce is one of the expensive areas to stay in and the hotels are also expensive. Another area you might like is the Lapad Peninsula. The hotels here overlooks the Lapad Bay and has a beautiful pebble beach. However, it is around 3.5km (2 miles) from Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and therefore, you might consider the question of transportation.

We stayed at Cavtat, which is a small coastal town around 15 mins drive from Dubrovnik. It not only brought down our hotel-stay cost by over 50% but was also a peaceful and lively place to stay at. If you intend to rent a car, then I suggest you stay at Cavtat.

Where to Eat at Dubrovnik?

The food at Azur

No point throwing in a loads of suggestions, because I  hate it when thats what I receive! So, here are the places I personally found to be awesome!

Azur Dubrovnik

Located at 10, Pobijana ul., 20000, Dubrovnik, you can enjoy amazing flavourful delicacies sitting near the Adriatic Sea!

Tavern Arka Restaurant

Located at Na Ratu 3A, Zaton, Dubrovnik 20235, this restaurant got by full marks (and more) because of its stunning stunning old stone walls interiors, nice furniture, exception food choices and ambience. However, this restaurant do fall in the ‘a bit expensive’ category.

Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota (Dubrovnik)

Located within the old town, this is the best place to have fresh, yummy oysters and sea food!

What to See at Dubrovnik?

The Dubrovnik Old Town with the Pier

Dubrovnik has some amazing sites, both historical and natural. The ‘Historical Old Town’ has maximum of this sites, however, I am not covering them here as I will cover the ‘Old Town’ and all its sites in a separate post. So, what are the must-see places at Dubrovnik?


Lovrijenac is a stand-alone fortress and was rebuilt after the 1667 earthquake. This fortress was pictured in ‘Game of Thrones’. Lovrijenac, Od Tabakarije 29, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 638 800


The cable car gives you an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea, the Dubrovnik and nearly places. You will have to catch the cable car from the Mount Srđ and it glides to the walls of the Old Town. The whole trip is only around 4-5 mins. but the view is amazing. Cablecar, Petra Krešimira IV, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 325 393

Dubrovnik Old Town

Nestling the Adriatic Sea with the limestone mountains as its backdrop, Dubrovnik Old Town is known as one of the world’s perfectly preserved medieval cities and therefore, it has found place as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its more remarkable because it is not an old piece of history but it is still a lived-in city with a bustling local life. What you must check-out here are as follows –

  • City Walls – walk around walls of the old city: Old Town Walls; towers/fortresses: Lovrjenac, Bokar, Minceta, Revelin, Sveti Ivan, Clock / Bell Tower
  • Palaces: Palace Knezev Dvor, Palace Sponza
  • Churches: Church Sveti Vlaho (St Blaise); Church of Saint Saviour; Dubrovnik Cathedral
  • Monasteries: Dominican monastery; Franciscan Monastery; The Cloister;  Monastery Museum
  • Squares:  Stradun / Placa , Luža Square , Gunduliceva poljana/ Gundulic Square
  • Monuments: Onofrijeva Cesma, Orlandov Stup (Orlando’s Column), Jesuit Stairs; Bell Tower
  • Old Port: Porporela – a pier in Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour  and Dubrovnik’s Old Port

If you are not renting a car, then I would suggest taking the Cabrio Bus for a Dubrovnik . It will take you all over the town and show you the important places.

The Route of Cabrio Bus

Hmmm….  I think I have covered nearly everything thats relevant! For, the ‘Old Town’, it deserves a completely individual post. So, catch-up with you later with my next post about the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old City of Dubrovnik’

Click here for further information about Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Old Town.

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