A(n) Infinite Step To Dubrovnik (Croatia)

IMG_6432We were at Croatia last month and it was an amazing experience, with Dubrovnik being absolutely breathtaking! However, searching for information about Dubrovnik on net wasn’t so pleasant… Do you know what is the worst experience while searching for information about a place in the internet? Over-information! I know it sounds weird but I think no one has the patience to scroll through pages just to get a bit of information! So, I decided to cover Dubrovnik in three parts –

  1. Dubrovnik Old Town – A Quick Guide (Where I will give you specific information about how to reach, where to park, what to see, what to expect, etc)
  2. Discovering the Dubrovnik Old Town (A detailed coverage of the most interesting places to see in this UNESCO Site)
  3. Dubrovnik Highlights (Informations about places to see, things to do, what to eat at Dubrovnik city)

I will be placing link to each page and hope it helps with the navigation. I also hope you like the way the informations are given to you and find it helpful! I would love to hear feedback from you about my new approach of introducing a place to you, so that if its helpful I can continue with the same!

See you around!

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