Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) and the unexpected joy of ferry-crossing!

Travelling through the picturesque landscape from Dubrovnik to Budva was a beautiful road-trip and an introduction to driving in the ‘wrong-side’ of the road! Well, I say ‘wrong-side’ because in my country we drive on the other-side of the road and that means, driving in European roads always seems ‘wrong’! Anyways, we started a little after 12pm and took the E65/E80 and P11 and the car GPS kept on prompting us to ‘catch the ferry’, but we chose to ignore it as we were not very comfortable of loading our Mercedes 4-wheel drive into a small ferry… well, we never have done it and therefore, were a bit jittery! We spent the day discovering Montenegro and when the sun started setting we started the journey back to Dubrovnik. Around half an hour later the car GPS again started prompting- ‘catch the ferry’. Well, we again choose to ignore and and took the other road, however, we ended-up in such a narrow road (I am sure we missed a few sighs to the correct road!) that we were forced to catch the ferry half-heartedly.

The ferry-crossing at Bay of Kotor

Once on the ferry me and Pratham immediately got out from the car and manoeuvred ourselves through the narrow space between the parked vehicles and was stunned by the amazing sunset that we saw! The sky had gone orange & coloured the water orange too… the landscape turned dark and the wind gently blowed through the limestone hills and giving out a whistling sound…

The stunning sunset at Kamenari (Montenegro)

The ferry quietly made its 30mins journey to the other side and we experienced the unexpected joy of ferry-crossing!

{I’ll cover the other essential informations about this interesting ferry-crossing in my next post, so stay tuned! :)}

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