The Pirate’s Hideout – Omis (Croatia)

While in Split (Croatia) I heard of this fearsome pirates of Omis who in the 13th-14th century were the most feared along the Adriatic coast and trade republics. They would used there fast boats called the ‘Sagittae‘ and attack trade ships at the mouth of the River Cetina, and then they would fast return up the Cetina river, where the trade ships could not follow them! However, there is another version of this story which says that Corsairs of Almissa used their Sagittas to protect the town from foreign invaders.

View of River Cetina and Rocky Crags in Omis, Split, Croatia
Omi town with Cetina River

So, we went in search of river Cetina, the ocean they scouted upon and hopefully… discover a pirate hideout! The river was not difficult to find as it ran through the whole town. Omis is a cute little town framed by the bare sandstone hills, the narrow Cetina river criss-crossing it and the sandy beaches. The water was really veryyyy cold because the Cetina river pours into the Adriatic Sea nearby and that keeps the water temperature  pretty cold! We had to force our bodies to accept the cold water by standing in it for several minutes and then only we could swim!

Standing in the cold cold cold water hoping the water will get warmer!

Well, we couldn’t find any pirate treasure but did discover some very interesting places to see, such as the fortress Mirabella, which is a 13th century fortress. You can reach it by taking the stairs next to the St. Michael church. However, be ready for climbing quite a  lots of steps! Another interesting place is the Fortress Starigrad, a 15th century fortress situated at the peak of the mountain behind the old town. For this fortress you will have to climb for about 1 hour. I will be honest, I didn’t climb because its beyond my capacity, but I did enjoy it from the beach!

The Mirabella Fort

By the time we were done for the day with Omis, we discovered some really cute shops, eateries and the most important thing – the parking! So, before I say ‘adieu’ here is a short list of the beaches, parking, shops & eateries in Omis.


Omis has three main parking, one is about 100 meter before you get to the bridge from Split and parking price being 4 kuna / hour. Another place is the after crossing the tunnel, but I personally find that place inconvenient. Third place would be after you cross the bridge. There are parking lots on both sides of the road and you pay by  inserting coins in the machines. Please remember that in Omis parking in designated place & paying the fee is very closely monitored. If your are careless, your car may get towed.


 Restaurant Puljiz
  • Restaurant Babilo-Omis, Brzet 3, Omis 21310, Croatia {Cuisine: Mediterranean and Croatian}
  • Pecenjarnica Pizzeria Omis, Fosal 12, Omis, Croatia {Cuisine: European and Croatian}
  • Restaurant Puljiz, Knezova Kachica 19, Omis 21310, Croatia {Cuisine: Seafood, European and Mediterranean}


Velika Plaza (Big Beach): This is a long sand beach in the centre of Omiš and within walking distance to cafes, bars, shops, etc. The beach has a playground and activities like volleyball, football and windsurfing. However, the showers did not work when we went and were told by the locals that it works only during the summer-time.

Slavinj Beach and Brzet Beach: These are pebble beaches and 10 minutes from Omiš city centre. The beaches have loads of shade and lovely pine trees.

Camp Galeb Beach: This is a long sandy beach with new saplings being planted. You can rent deck chairs and Sun shades to enjoy the beach. There is coffee and fast food bar on the beach.


At Omis you have the normal shops selling apparels, cosmetics, groceries, etc, but I am going to recommend one shop only as it is very special and very original – Origin Croatian Cosmetics. Its located at Kenzova Kachica 7, Omis. It creates original, authentic 100% natural cosmetics, all exclusively manufactured in Croatia.

Omi Shop.png
Original Croatian Cosmetic

So, this was the story of a interesting town in Croatia which was a pirate’s hideout in ancient time and a beautiful beach town today. Hope you visit it someday and share with us your story. Adieu!

                                                                                                                                               ——- Moon




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