A Cruise Story – Part I

I woke-up to a wonderful breeze, a red-stained sky and the sound of crashing waves. I walked to the balcony and watched as the sun slowly rose in the horizon and the vast ocean folded & unfolded before my eyes… Nothing beats the feeling of watching the sunrise in middle of the ocean! Yes, I am in a cruise ship and enjoying the most beautiful view in the world from my room’s balcony!

The Enchantment of the Seas (Photo Credit: Royal Carribean)

We boarded the Royal Carribean Enchantment of the Seas for a 3-Night Carribean Cruise and it was an amazing experience. As my story of my time in this ship is going to be long one (oh yes!) so in the 1st part I am sharing my day-time experience in this ship and in the next part (Part-2) I will tell you what all fun-things we did once the sun went down!

Obviously, on of the most common things that is done in a cruise ship is to take Shore Excursions and we took shore excursions to Bahamas & its neighbouring islands! it was an amazing adventure and you can read all about it in my earlier posts about Bahamas in ‘Postcards from the Bahamas’!

What else we did in the ship? We spent loads of fun hours in the swimming pool, ate tons of yummy food (which is included in your ticket price, so no extra costs there), I participated in Salsa Classes, Fruit Carvings, etc while my husband enjoyed Wine-Tasting Classes, magic shows, etc. Did I tell you that the swimming pool area that has two separate sections, one for the kids and another for the adults! Isn’t that thoughtful! And of course there are few jacuzzi, if you are in the mood!

The swimming pool area that has two separate sections for the kids and for the adults!  (Photo Credit: @ainfinitestep)

My 9 year-old son was also cruising and he absolutely enjoyed his time in the Kid’s Club! Oh yes! There is a Kid’s Club & Teen Club so that they can have supervised amazing time through their time in their ship while the parents can have fun themselves! Isn’t that cool?

Snapseed 4
There is regular impromptu dance sessions in the top deck! (Photo Credit: @ainfinitestep)
Snapseed 5
… and you can try the adventure sports available in the Ship if you are a Braveheart! (Photo Credit: @ainfinitestep)

 I would always suggest that take a balcony-room because nothing beats the view of the vast, majestic ocean from your own space….. you can watch the sunrise in your nightie (I am a bit lazy in the morning…), have your breakfast-with-a-view and best part is, you won’t feel claustrophobic if you are going for a cruise of more then 2 days.

Snapseed 3
The perfect place for a breakfast! (Photo Credit: @ainfinitestep )

So, have I motivated you enough to catch your cruise to a beautiful destination? If yes, then feel free to download & save the ‘What To Pack For Cruise’ given below! However, if you need a little more motivation then do read my next part of the story in A Cruise Story Part-II!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Till we meet again, have fun!

Copyright: The thoughts are & photos are my own & the knowledge is universal. If anyone wishes to use the content, you are most welcome, however, do place a link to this page with acknowledgment. This is not only an internet courtesy but also a legal requirement. Regards.

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  1. joleisa says:

    I really do love this post and feel like I should be on a cruise any day soon. It looks fantastic, thanks to your high-quality photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. || Moon || says:

      Thanks Joleisa for your kind words & and yes, you must cruise someday coz its such an amazing experience!


  2. mschmidt2017 says:

    I’d love to go on a cruise someday! This looks like fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. || Moon || says:

      You must mschmidt2017! It was such fun! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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