Postcards from The Bahamas!

Tucked away somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas is one of the most picturesque location on earth with balmy beaches, clear turquoise weather and a year-round tropical weather.  It can be best described as ‘Postcard Perfect’ Island Paradise and therefore, here are a few postcards for you to enjoy! As for information, click on the downloadable infographics given at the end on the post 🙂

The colourful vacation houses in Nassau, Bahamas @ainfinitestep
The balmy beaches with tall trees… @aintinitestep
Colourful sacks in the white beaches for getting your yummy drinks! @ainfinitestep
….. and the birdie who refused the leave my side despite my shooing! And who finally became my model 😀 @ainfinitestep
IMG_5145 copy
Me having a great, lazy day in the beach (with the birdie keeping me company)….. @ainfinitestep


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