Haiti: 5 Things To Know Before You Go

Haiti coastline… @ainfinitestep

Haiti is beautiful country with amazing people and food, however, it is not in the bucket list of most travellers, either because of the notoriety attached to it or due to lack of adequate exposure to Haiti in the social media. I’ve been to this amazing country as part of my Carribean Tour and was blow away by its beauty and people! So, here are 5 things for you to know so that you can actually be inspired to put beautiful Haiti in your travel bucket list!

  • Irrespective of what you have heard or read, Haiti is NOT an UNSAFE country. There will always be trouble and violence in a country which has come out of Civil War and has poor economic condition, however, it is far less violent than its neighbors! Ofcourse, you have to be smart & stay safe, but that is with being tourist in maximum countries in the world!
  • It has many beautiful beaches which are quite tranquil and isolated that Amy of the beach destinations you know.
  • Haiti people are some of the most genuinely happy-go-lucky people I ever met and are friendly and helpful.
  • It is a small country and you can fly between cities within 30 minutes. Public transport is harsh, so bus journey would/might be a treat of your endurance!
  • 100 USD would be approximately 6434.20 Haitian Gourde, but Haiti being much cheaper your 100 USD will go a long long way!
  • Haiti is an undiscovered treasure throve with hidden caves with prehistoric cave arts, breathtaking coastline, amazing music and cuisine!
A traditional bum-bum boat @ainfinitestep
Greenery & sea… @ainfinitestep

So, make Haiti a part of your travel bucklet-list & I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great time at Haiti! @ainfinitestep
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