Must-See Flamenco Show In Madrid

One of my happiest memory of my trip to Spain was watching ‘live flamenco’ dance at Las Carboneras. It is located in  Madrid de los Austrias & in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda! How’s that for authenticity?! It was located next to a cloistered convent from which they borrowed the name.


Believe me, finding it was a very difficult task because its tucked away in one of the many side streets! So, we finally asked a shop owner for assistance and he said “follow the crowd”. Ok… we can do that… so we followed the crowd directly to the inconspicuous doors! Oh, by the way, when the shopkeeper said “Follow the crowd” he literally meant it! They somehow homed to this red door! An honest confession though… we did end-up once into a shop while following the ‘crowd’ 😛 I guess all members of the ‘crowd’ were not aiming for this tabelo after all! By the way, we bought the tickets from our hotel tourist desk, but you can buy it online also. Here is the link.

So, by the time we entered the lights were already dimmed and the performance has started… oh it was breathtaking! Even if you are a non-dancer or don’t love any form of dance, believe me, you will thank me later for visiting this place.This amazing place combines flamenco and authentic Spanish dining together in the most amazing way. It has featured some of the most renowned artists such as Montse Cortés, Pastora Galván, Belén Maya, etc.


The food was also good but I was too busy being enthralled by the performance to actually register what I ate! Sorry! Visit the webpage of Tablao Las Carboneras for further details. Before I part, here’s a small video of a performance at this fabulous tablao, click on the Video Link 🙂

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  1. SaveDelete says:

    Perfect! Next year I am planning my trip .. and I will surely go to this place. What is the best season according to you for Spain? (Apart from the holiday time). And I must say wonderfully written .. keep writing as you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi Savedelete, thanks for liking the write-up 🙂 Well… the best season to visit Spain would be spring & fall as the weather would be good. Best would be April-May & September-October, but cost of everything will also be a bit higher around that time. are very good for travel. Summer is very hot in Spain, mainly if you intend to visit the cities like Seville,Madrid, etc. Hope this help 🙂 Do keep reading more of my posts!


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