Nameri National Park (Assam, India)

Hello again & hope you are having a great weekend! Today I come with a post on my recent trip to Nameri National Park situated in Sonitpur district of northeastern state of Assam (India). It had been a great experience and after a long long time I was completely in touch with pristine nature!

Brief About the Park

When you see this board you know you have arrived!

Nameri National Park is located in the foothills of Himalayas & about 40 kms from Tezpur. Nameri has over 300 species of birds. Jia- Bhoroli and its 6 tributaries criss-cross this area. You will also encounter Sambar, Hog Deer, Barking deer, Wild Boar, etc. Tiger and Leopards are also occupants of this national park! At Nameri National Park you can stay in an Eco Camp and experience the unique flora and fauna of the rainforest. Your Departure & Return Point can be either Guwahati (Assam) or Tezpur (Assam).

The Drive

I visited the Nameri National Park from Tezpur (Assam) and it took us about 45 mins to reach the beginning edges of the national park. we crossed lush green forests, tiny hamlets, wildlife and streams. Be warned that a large part of the road is bumpy & can get pretty bad during monsoon.

Welcome party?
Tranquil green drive…

Rafting Through the Jiabharolu River

This river stretch is quite-one and with only Type-1 & 2 rapids but the danger in this area is that the river bed mayn’t be very far away. During monsoon the river takes in a muddy colour, whereas, during winter it has a beautiful blue colour. The boarded our rafts from a low bank, all in their life jackets of varying sizes!

IMG_3634 (1)
The rafting party is ready for some great adventure!
Nothing can express HAPPINESS more than a toothy grin!

We passed through amazing greenery. We saw several species of birds, their nesting grounds, period layers in some of the banks and loved every bit of it!

Another raft in view…
The beauty of the river & the forest during an outcast period… beautiful…

… and when it is sunny!

The period markers that can be seen on some parts of the bank…

What I loved the most about this adventure was when we stopped in a small island in the middle of the river! The sand was covered with beautiful pebbles & rocks of all shapes and sizes and it was breathtaking! Our guide informed that this island and few others are generally underwater most of the period of the year and reappears on for a month or two! If you are lucky you might get to step into this wonderful islands too when you visit! But do take the advice of your guide regarding the safety and feasibility because the rafters have to be experienced lot to take you so close to cragged rock.

Our experienced rafters docked us ‘ON’ the island!
Only word that expresses what I felt ‘MIND-BLOWINGY’!

 Eco Camping And Yummy Time

After 2 hours of rafting we were hot & thirsty and need of good food and a great place to rest. So, we choose a nearby Eco camp and rested in their common areas which were open to nature and was so tranquil! Nameri has several Eco Camps that not only provides rafts for rafting in the river with guides but also has tents where you can stay overnight or more, if you want. Maybe I will do a piece on the Eco Camps another time… Anyway, the food was tasty traditional Assamese food and was perfect for the climate!

A tent in the Eco Camp…
The common area of the Eco Camp
IMG_3928 (1)
The Eco Camp compound (partial)
IMG_3929 (1)
The Eco Camp compound (partial)

We return back to Tezpur in the late afternoon and the experience was fun and heart warming. There is something about nature that leaves you feeling tranquil and in touch with yourself… this is a adventure I will definitely advice one and all visiting this side of India. Have fun!

Have Fun! See you around!
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  1. dianacechova says:

    As a tea lover, I have to ask you one important question… did you try Assam tea, while there in the area? 🙂

    Diana from


    1. Oh yes! N u would b surprised at the different ways the simple tea can be prepared!


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