How To Travel From Paris To Barcelona By Train!

If you want to travel to Barcelona from Europe then catching the train from Paris would be your most economically viable solution. Between Paris to Barcelona there are three options – the Night Train, the Day Train (train change at Figueres) and the Hi-Speed TGV. A break-down of each is given below!

Paris to Barcelona (Night Train)

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The night train from Paris to Barcelona is called the ‘Joan Miró’ and is part of the Elipsos Trainhotel fleet which operates sleeper trains between Paris, Barcelona and Madrid all year round. This is one of the most popular European night trains, boasting 87% occupancy. It runs most days of the week, throughout the year, with some seasonal variation and price difference during summer and winter months.

The duration of the journey varies depending on the day of the week, but a typical Paris – Barcelona night train takes around 12 hours, giving you plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep in the comfortable couchettes. Night trains to Barcelona originate in Paris Austerlitz station and you’ll arrive into Barcelona Estació de Franca the following morning.

The cheapest train tickets, which include accommodation, on the Paris to Barcelona Joan Miró night train are the Prems fares. This is for one-way travel in a Tourist (T4) four-berth sleeper costing £67 during the off-peak season (September to March). During mid-June to mid-September the Prems fares fare slightly more expensive so expect to pay around £86 one-way! It also applies during the easter holidays. Two adults travelling together can opt for a Grand Double Club sleeper which also has a private washbasin & it will cost your around £106.50 per person each way. We recommend you book for the dinner in the on-board restaurant car. Pertinent to mention that dinner cost is included in the price for Grand Class tickets, but not for passengers in Tourist cabins. 

The Elipsos night train ticket booking can be done  90 days in advance from the date of arrival. The journey time  is 11 hr 50 mThe approximate cost of the tickets are as follows –

  • Singles from £67.00
  • Returns from £134.00

For further details go to the link in the picture above. They have covered the topic on night train extensively. 

Paris to Barcelona (Day Train changing at Figueres)

If you don’t want to take the night train but want to enjoy the view during the day then you can catch the high-speed AVE between Figueres and Barcelona. Be informed that you will travel from Paris Lyon on a double-decker TGV Duplex to Figueres Vilafant and from there you catch the high-speed line to Barcelona Sants. During the first part of the journey you will travel through the picturesque Rhone valley!

Trains depart every day of the week, one leaves in the morning and the other leaves in the afternoon. The cheapest tickets for this journey would cost around £59 Prems fares and you can book 90 days in advance. During summer booking can be done 120 days in advance sometimes!

The TGV ride takes around 5 hours and my suggestion would be that  choose the upper deck as your seating preference as the view will be magnificent! Travelling between Figueres Vilafant and Barcelona takes less than an hour. This train depart roughly every hour. The approximate cost of the tickets are as follows –

  • Singles from £59.00
  • Returns from £118.00

Paris to Barcelona (TGV Day Train)

You can also catch the hi-speed TGV from Paris to Barcelona. it takes around 6 hours 25 minutes and the is equipped with drop-down screens for film viewing, plus a variety of audio channels. The train leaves Paris at 7.15 am and another at 2.07pm. The approximate cost of the tickets are as follows –

  • Singles from £39.00
  • Returns from £70.00
The Route (Photo Credit)
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