Best Time To Visit Russia

Russia has many interesting places to see and things to do, both man-made and natural. However, what you see or do will depend on what time of the year are going because this country has different climates at different seasons.

From mid-April the weather becomes warm (except the . mountain regions) and the spring time is the best season to see Russia as you will get to enjoy the natural beauty and also the impressive monuments and history of the country.

Fort Complex Kremlin Moscow
Photo Credit:

Summer is also a great season to visit Russia and during summer you can even go to regions like Siberia or Altai. You know Lake Baikal is world’s longest and the deepest lake! Summer is also famous for its ‘White Nights’!

@muradosmann took this photo at Kamchatka geysers

Autumn falls between September to mid-October and the weather is relatively fine and the trees leaves starts changing color to orange, red and brown. Russian winter can be pretty merciless.

Kremlin (Photo Credit)

Winter may be milder in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg during December but rest of the part is quite cold. If you are visiting during winter then you can visit the museums, theatres and participate in the Russian national festivals. From second part of December the streets in every city is decorated for New Year Celebration.

Hermitage Museum (Photo Credit)
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